Retinol Expert 0.1%, 0.3%

Part Number: Retinol Expert 0.1%, 0.3% Brand: IOPE 아이오페

Retinol Expert 0.1%, 0.3%

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An anti-aging wrinkle serum that offers a definite wrinkle care effect of the high-content retinol ingredient.

Our research to stabilize retinol began in 1994.

We have applied for 25 patents in Korea: registered 20 and 22 overseas patents: registered 14, published 10 SCI entries, presented at 17 international conferences, won six external awards, evaluated 500 skin-friendly ingredients, and reported 67 skin-friendliness evaluations. IOPE now proposes the 10th generation of its retinol.
  • We Have Consistently Upgraded the Retinol Stabilization Technology Since 1997 and Discovered High-content Retinol to Take Intensive Care of Wrinkles
  • The Effect is Maintained Until the Very Last Drop of this Product Through a Three-stage Oxygen Barrier System that Prevents Oxidation of Retinol by Light and Air
  • This Product Offers a Definite Wrinkle Care Effect in the Three Major Anti-aging Categories: Wrinkle, Firmness, Density, in Just Two Weeks


How to Open Bottle

  • STEP 01: Grab the ring long to remove it. (If the ring cannot be removed easily, slightly turn the cap to loosen it.)
  • STEP 02: Turn the cap counterclockwise until the end to bore the inside and attach the inner cap.
  • STEP 03: Turn in the opposite direction to open the cap. After opening for the first time, open and close the cap lightly.
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