StemⅢ Ampoule

Part Number: StemⅢ Ampoule Brand: IOPE 아이오페

StemⅢ Ampoule

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An intense anti-aging ampoule that revives firmness, skin texture, and gloss by putting Allanto Complex, an aging care ingredient, in liposome
  • This Intense Anti-aging Ampoule Adds Three Hours of Sleep Every Day with 78.2% Allanto-liposome™, which was Developed by Our Innovators Paying Attention to Ingredients that are Used when the Skin is Damaged
  • Allantoin, Spiraeoside, and Peptide Ingredients Offer Three Fundamental Skincare Effects, Including Soothing, Intense Anti-aging, and Strengthening of Moisture Barrier
  • This Product is Free of Animal Ingredient, Mineral Oil, Polyacrylamide, Imidazolidinyl Urea, Triethanolamine, Synthetic Pigment, Fragrance, and Peg Surfactant
  • Liposome has a Skin-friendly Form that is 1/400 of Hair Thickness and Absorbs Well Into the Skin. Highly-concentrated Liposome Has Been Put Into the Product to Contain 78.2% Allanto-Liposome™


How to Use

  • STEP 01: Open the cap by turning it to the right. This product has a pipette that fills the content automatically when the cap is turned.
  • STEP 02: Drop the content directly onto your face. Direct drop is more effective than dropping it onto a hand.
  • STEP 03: Roll as if to draw a twisted stick using fingertips, from inside out. Roll with fingertips to increase the absorption rate.


  • 50 ml

Time of Use

  • Day/Night
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